Asian Feeds, with the growing number of livestock in our country, the ratio of supply and demand for meat, dairy produce being steady. There was however one small issue that kept growing.
That was to provide our livestock with nutrition and diet. The factor that will help in better quality produce like meat and dairy.

In that vacuum, Asian Feeds with about 50 Crores of investment initiated an industry that could scientifically pack the required nutritious  each of the livestock, be it Pigs, Polutry, Cows, Ox or the Buffalo.

We proudly say, MADE IN NEPAL, and we dont compromise with quality. We have been certified with ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management Systems.

Asian Feeds is part of the large MEGATECH TRADE GROUP, whose trade vertices are diversified in IT Trading, Finance, Manufacturing, Hospitality and also Housing.

As our esteemed guest, we are really glad to have you explore our website for information. If you however do not happen find what you are looking for, do drop us an email, info@asianfeeds.com.np, and should you have any Trade Inquiry, send in an email to sales@asianfeeds.com.np
Thank you.